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Our Story

Who Are We?

G'day Blokes! I'm Jon, the owner of Backyard Bloke, and I'm grateful that you're here with me!

I built Backyard Bloke because I know how important it is for us Aussie's to feel like we've got a safe space to retreat to in life. With so much stress to endure in modern life, the ability to completely switch off is more important now than ever.

Usually, we take a certain part of our home - whether that be the brew shed, the bar & games room, the outdoor alfresco, or the man cave - and then we transform it into our very own ultimate relaxation, fun and games space where for a little while, nothing else matters but the footy match you're watching with your best mates, or the heated head-to-head battle you're having with your kids on the arcade machine.

That's what we're here for, that's what puts a smile on our face.

Our sole mission is to help fellow Aussies create absolute good times and awesome memories. Memories that'll be remembered and cherished forever. 

That's why we've gone out and sourced Australia's best unique, custom and branded gear, so we can provide you access to some of the absolute best products from talented & crafty manufacturers from around the country.

From cold beers on tap with our range of kegerators and bar fridges, to slow-cooked BBQ meats with our smokers, and even nostalgic arcade machines and hockey tables to keep the good times rolling, we've got you covered.

We hope you enjoy browsing around our website, and hope to chat soon. Just let us know if you need a hand, our friendly team is available via Chat in the bottom right corner of your screen, on (07) 4120 7470, or via our Contact Us page anytime.

How We Got Here

It was a warm, sunny day up here on the Sunny Coast and to top it off, it was the weekend and I was heading to my mate Hamo's place for a few bevvies and a good yarn. I hadn't seen the fella in a while and so I was introduced to his recently transformed outdoor alfresco. But it wasn't really an alfresco anymore, he had turned it into a little man cave.

He had his own bar fridge, kegerator, pool table and upright old-school arcade machine. As I looked around in awe at the awesome stuff he had, I thought to myself wouldn't it great if there was a place to get these products online. I wanted to get some of this stuff myself, and I found out he went to source these products from all different retailers around the country.

As we sat there, chewing the fat and enjoying our drinks, a moment of silence came about. I don't know why, but I just looked at him and said "you're a bit of a Backyard Bloke aren't ya mate?". And we both pissed ourselves laughing. 

So that's how the idea came about, and how we got our name!

Our Promise

Are you tired of reading baseless, boring and unimaginative "company values"? We are too! The worst part is, everyone just happens to have the same values; honesty, integrity, relationships... the best customer service. 

We're not going to sit here and make up stuff that sounds better than what reality is. 

But what we can tell you is that when you choose us here at Backyard Bloke, this is what you'll get:

Ripper unique, branded and custom products
We've gone out there and sourced some of Australia's best unique, branded and custom products. Everything on our website has been handpicked, evaluated and validated by the founder. We wanted to bring the best products to you, so we took extra care throughout this process. The best part is, a lot of our products aren't available to get just anywhere!

We're here to help
Seriously, we mean it. If there's anything we can do to help and support you, just get in touch. Our friendly team is more than happy have a chat and talk through ideas you want to turn into a reality.

If something goes wrong, we'll fix it
If for some reason you're not happy with the way things turned out, or something went wrong (these things happen sometimes!), we're not going to tell you that it's 'not our problem'. We're here to support you until we've reached the right outcome, and everyone is happy.

We'll always do the right thing
If it sounds like you don't need one of our products, or you can acheive the same result way cheaper some other way, we're gonna be straight-up and tell you instead of trying to convince you into a sale. We're happy with just making a new friend - there's more to running a business than dollar signs!


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